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Building AI products 

that change the world.


#1 Social AI Startup in Korea

ScatterLab is an AI startup that creates fun and soft products based on the best social AI technology in South Korea.

Luda, the most famous chatbot in South Korea, has engaged in over one billion conversations with approximately 2 million users so far. 

Based on its outstanding technology, it has attracted investments totaling $34M from outstanding investors like 
SK Telecom, SoftBank, NCSoft, and Krafton.

New B2C Service

Zeta: AI-based 
Interative Story Platform

In the spring of 2024, ScatterLab launched 
a new AI-based B2C service called "Zeta." 

Zeta is an innovative entertainment service that allows users to become the protagonist and deeply immerse themselves in their chosen characters, worlds, and situations. 

ScatterLab is fully committed to nurturing Zeta's growth,

 which promises endless enjoyment through conversation.

Impressive Service Metric

Daily Average Play-time per User 

Zeta is captivating users' hearts by being loved for over 2 hours+ each day, 
which is higher than the engagement figures for TikTok, YouTube, and KakaoTalk! 

Zeta is providing users with unprecedented content and interaction experiences 
and aims to transcend being a mere content platform to become the most beloved 
number one content platform in the entertainment sector.

Expansion Strategy

Engineered from inception for global scalability
Currently beta testing the Japanese version
Targeting entry into Southeast Asian and North American markets by the end of 2024

It's just beginning

Best time to Join!

In the hottest era of AI, a successful B2C product has yet to emerge.
How about creating the first one together with ScatterLab?
If you'd like to join us, feel free to request a tea time via the link below anytime!

*현재 채용 우선순위에 따라서 모든 분들과 티타임 진행이 어려울 수도 있다는 점 양해 부탁드립니다.

CEO of ScatterLab / Jongyoun Kim

Our Cultures

Be team players

We've gathered at ScatterLab to achieve a meaningful mission together. That's why we prioritize the team's mission above all else and do what's necessary for it. With team players who are dedicated to the mission rather than being solely smart or individualistic star players, we can join forces to accomplish challenging missions together.

Self decision-making & execution

At ScatterLab, we gather people who can autonomously decide and execute tasks. These individuals take initiative in decision-making, produce excellent outputs, propel the team forward swiftly, and contribute to rapid growth!

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